Stephen Cox is a spirit artist and clairvoyant medium based in Wales, UK. Welcome to his website where he shares his unique gift of spiritual mediumship combined with spirit portraiture.

Spirit Art

Spirit Art, often called Psychic Art or Psychic Portraiture, is drawing or painting the likeness of someone in the spirit world, either a guide or a loved one, who is connected with you. While he draws, Stephen also relays information from Spirit about the person he is drawing or personal messages to you.

Through nearly thirty years of work in this field, Stephen has read and drawn for people around the world. ‘It’s a privilege,’ he says, ‘to reassure people that their loved ones are all right. It reaffirms the power of spirit and of humanity.’


Stephen is a gifted and accurate spiritual medium who is able to draw the likeness of those in spirit who are around you.

Readings are done remotely and sent digitally. In person readings are available by special arrangement only.

Stephen works by first tuning in to your energies and then drawing the image of a loved one or spirit guide. Using clairvoyance and psychic impressions, and with the help of his own spirit guides, Stephen allows the portrait to develop in a guided way through charcoal, pencil and pastel.

About Me

Stephen developed his natural psychic and mediumistic abilities early in life, and has been reading and drawing for people all over the world for nearly 30 years.

Stephen’s work has been featured in articles and included in books on psychic art and the paranormal.

‘My work’ he says, ‘is to help those in spirit make a connection with their loved ones here. Even after all these years I am still amazed at how Spirit works and the connections that are made. I always strive to deliver messages with respect and empathy, because often the information I’m relaying is personal and has an emotional charge for that person. It feels wonderful to be able to reassure people that their loved ones are all right, and that they are not alone.’

What people are saying…

“I was very fortunate to have my great grand parents drawn by Stephen. I was utterly blown away by the accuracy of their facial features. Not only that but Stephen was able to channel their personalities and even picked up on their son who died during WWII. In my reading I was given information about my life and where I’m going which Stephen could not have known about. A truly gifted and professional soul who I would highly recommend.”

– Anna, UK

“The portrait you produced for me is definitely Bill when he was a young man. I realise more clearly now. The more I look at it the more I see Bill. This is really truly amazing!!!! He always promised he would be around giving support after he died bless him.  There is also a photo of Bill in his younger years in the same pose with the same expression, although the photos are now long out of my reach… 
Thank you for your excellent work and gift. God definitely blessed you…”

– Heidi, Turkey

“Thank you for the most wonderful portraits and reading. For the reading, it is like you have known me for all eternity. The portraits are so beautiful, so alive and so perfect. … The first one is my brother who died in 1948, and the second is my ex-husband. He died in 2002.  We remained good friends. Your portrayal of both these dear ones are exactly who they are in character and personality.”

– Moyra, USA